One Big Announcement to One Big Disaster

I personally don’t even know who reads my posts. If it’s my friends or other people or whatever so anyways, I haven’t really posted anything for a while since I haven’t read anything new yet. So anyways, this is my blog so I am going to post the things that I want to say and I know no one’s going to listen to me but what the heck.

So today, March 16, 2013, there was this One Big Announcement from One Direction. It was an announcement for their “Where We Are 2014 Tour” and turns out, my country, the Philippines, wasn’t in the first batch of places that they’ll be going to. Now, I’m not sure if they will visit, but that’s not my point here.

A few minutes after the first batch of stadiums were announced, the hashtag #OneBigDisappointment topped the trends and obviously, this was coming from the people who won’t be seeing 1D because they won’t be having their concert in those certain areas. I just wanted to say that I think it was the people’s fault for their own hate or whatever negative emotion they were feeling. They were actually expecting. I mean, yes, it was said to be a big announcement but it could’ve been something else, right? Maybe marriage or in my case, someone coming out that they were gay for each other (I’m sorry, I’m that weird).

They all went online to tell their fans that they’re so excited for this tour and then I see people tweeting them that the announcement was a big ball of disappointment. I’m not going to give you that “non-true fans” speech of mine, but damn. You are the disappointment. These people just don’t understand how hard it is to have more than a million fans wanting to see them. They can’t be in 2 places at once and they also can’t be in so many places in just a short amount of time because they’re NOT robots. When will you fucking understand?

Even ZAYN went online for this and he never goes online. That’s pretty big, if you actually know and care about what I’m saying. I just laid down on the floor for a straight 5 minutes praying that this shit will stop. They do what they do because they love doing it and maybe if this hatred and stupid and pointless disappointment won’t stop, then maybe it’ll come to the point where they’ll feel that they’re actually forced to do this – the singing, the concerts, and everything that they dreamed of.

Now, this goes to all of you who’s practically hating on me now for what I’ve said: FUCK YOU.

Thank you and good day.


Every Day by David Levithan

I am now on summer vacation, yes! I guess I’ll have more time to read, but then again, I do have other things to do. I just finished reading Every Day by David Levithan and was it a good book? Yes! It was a very good book! Although at first I thought it was going to be cheesy since it’s not really possible in real life, but I stand corrected. It was nowhere near cheesy.

Just like before, I’ll be starting with the good things before the bad things and yes, even if I started with a very very happy introduction to this post, I still had a few negative observations about it (but don’t worry! It’s just a few!) The plot was very unique. It was very smart of David to connect the things of the book despite the difficult situation of the character. The part that struck me the most was the ending. Holy cow, the ending! The ending was totally unexpected! I thought they were going to find a way for A to stay in that body or something which was wrong, but what would you expect from books, right? But no, wow. He gave up Rhiannon to the boy. Wow, that was super shocking. I was also touched when A was in this guy named Hugo’s life. Specifically the part where he fished from his memory the day when Hugo and his boyfriend got together. That was special and creative.

Part of why I liked this book is because I was kind of expecting a John Green type of book since they are both popular and they have written a novel together, but I do commend the way of writing in this novel because it isn’t some very simple and practical book. The conversations between people were realistic and the way they act was true to life except for the fact that A changed bodies every day.

I was expecting for a little bit more excitement and thrill in Nathan’s side of the story. I wished there was more action in that part. In my opinion, I think it would be better if he tried to really prove himself to Nathan that he wasn’t the devil or maybe did something to Reverend Poole, but I’m not the author of the book so I can’t do anything about that. I think it wasn’t a good idea to put the part where he met Rhiannon in the first parts of the book. I would’ve liked it better if he had tried to keep his mind off her and concentrated on the body that he was taking over. (Yes, I refer to A as a he just cause).

Because the author put their ocean adventure in the first part of the book, it seemed pretty normal to me. I didn’t feel the attraction between the two of them. And I have said this many times about many other books, which is very sad, I didn’t feel the emotion in the book. All the feelings that the reader should have felt probably hit me at the end when he was starting to say goodbye to Rhiannon. But their “love”? I didn’t feel any of that so it wasn’t actually a big of a deal for me if they didn’t see each other. Honestly, I was even more thrilled when Nathan found out about A and his body changing.

It was a fun experience for me to have read a book like that and I am willing to read more David Levithan books because they seem pretty interesting. Yup, there you go.

Boundless (Unearthly #3) by Cynthia Hand

I recently made a review about the 2nd book to the Unearthly series entitled “Hallowed” and you can check that out by clicking this.

This is probably going to be one of my most immature book reviews ever.

Anyways, I’m going to start with the things that have caused me to experience physical pain…literally. Actually, it was just one thing that irritated me the most. I honestly do not like Clara and Tucker together. Clara is best with Christian because one, he makes her stronger and two, Christian has sacrificed so much for her, but she still went back to Tucker who was a jerk to her after she said goodbye the first time. Then when Tucker was about to die, I was screaming with Joy because I said hey, she and Chris might have a chance, but oh by surprise, Tucker’s alive. Imagine my happiness to that, right? (Sarcasm)

In my opinion, Tucker was a distraction and not an inspiration. Tucker was Jeffrey’s responsibility but no, Clara had to ruin it for Jeffrey and for me and that’s okay, that’s COMPLETELY okay. (This isn’t even a book review, kind of. This is like more of a rant but whatever).

Anyways, on to the proper book review for this novel:

I loved it. The way the scenes were written down were almost flawless although, I would’ve appreciated a bit more emotion and tension during the fighting scenes and when Phen or Penamue said that he couldn’t be with Angela.

I did feel sorry for Christian. He was so passionate and determined to make Clara his but she was so hung up on Tucker which was very annoying because she already said goodbye. If you say goodbye, you don’t go back to the thing or the person that you say goodbye to. That’s stupid and childish (Oh shit, I’m ranting again. Please forgive me.)

I just wished that Clara would’ve been more open to new people in her life. I mean, she pushed Doubting Thomas away and she definitely pushed Christian away when they were on their first date and she thought of Tucker when they were about to kiss. Wow, didn’t that make me shit balls.

I wished Billy acted more motherly. She was Maggie’s ‘replacement’, she could’ve at least acted like one, right? But I do understand that she could never be a mother to Clara and Jeffrey well because she’s not Maggie. That’s kind of a given.

I like Samjeeza. Even if he’s a Black Wing, he still had a heart. He understood Maggie and Clara and helped the good side. Pretty impressive for someone who was expected to have a cold heart.

Jeffrey became kind of a minor character because he was gone all the time. I think it would’ve been better if he was really part of the story. His stubbornness suited him well. It really fitted his character so he’s a positive for me.

I was practically attached to the book so I guess that’s a good thing. It made me laugh and smile and even made me crawl like a worm so I could conclude that there was emotion written in that text. It was very inspiring because it taught you that no matter how many people try to go against what you want, you still have to strive to get what you want.

Never give up and believe in your heart. Thank you, Cynthia Hand. It’s been a pleasure reading your books.


Adios, S.Y. 2012 – 2013

This goes to my class, 2-Compassion.

Hi, C. I just want you guys to know that you’re awesome. I love you so much. I know that we’ve all had our differences, but it’s glad that we’ve worked it all out in the end. I’m going to miss all of you so much, I hope that this isn’t the end of us. Always keep your head up high no matter what others tell you behind your back or whatever. At first when I met all of you, all I could think was wow, this class sucks, but I take it all back.

You are all amazing. You are all better than who I thought you guys would be. Each and every one of you is unique in your own little way and I realized that we are all at our best when we work together, which is what I want us to be for our whole lives. I want us to be together forever.

Thank you for all the bad times and the mistakes and the shortcomings because from all those faults, you have taught me valuable lessons. But most of all, thank you for the laughs, the smiles, the grins, the happy pills, the memories (cue Fall Out Boy song here) and the amazing journey.

(c) bea mesina

(c) bea mesina

Exploring Asia and Africa (Gallery Walk SY 2012-2013)

During our 2nd year in High School, there’s always this end of the year production called the Gallery Walk (originally called Afro-Asian). In this production, every class of the 2nd year students would present a dance (based on the country assigned to us) and 2-3 monologues that are based from a text that’s from the assigned country. For my section, 2-Compassion, the country assigned to us was China.

China Banner

And our text was The Injustice Done to Tou Ngo by Guan Hanqing


Now, before I’ll start talking about the preparation, production and results, I’ll introduce to you our staff:

2-Compassion’s Gallery Walk staff: 

Director: Dominique Salcedo

Assistant Director: Nina Santos

Script Writers: Diana Bautista and Margaret Madrigal (yes, that’s me)

Props & Set Committee Head: Samantha Eala

Costume and Make-Up Committee Head: Louisse Omaña

Lights Head: Rosine Baluga

Sounds Head: Alexandria Arcega

The Actors: 

Samantha Eala as Tou Ngo

Catherine (Hidey) Arguelles as Donkey Chang

Kaela Alcoreza as Tou-Tien Chang


The Characters: 

*this is a brief background on the characters in the text*

Tou Ngo – the main character, daughter of Tou-Tien Chang, daughter-in-law of Mother Tsai, the girl who Donkey Chang wants.

Donkey Chang – the antagonsist, wants Tou Ngo but kills her, unjust

Mother Tsai – Tou Ngo’s mother-in-law

Old Chang – Donkey Chang’s father

Dr. Lu – best physician of Chu-Ch’ou (setting of the text)

Tou-Tien Chang – Tou Ngo’s father who becomes an Inspector General of the Huai River Valley

The Text:

*a summary of the story* 

Tou-Tien Chang borrowed 20 taels of silver from Mother Tsai. After a few months, Mother Tsai contacted him and asked for the money, but unfortunately he still didn’t have the amount being asked for so he gives Tou Ngo to Mother Tsai. His debt is now cleared.

Tou Ngo marries Mother Tsai’s son who dies in the future. Dr. Lu borrows a few taels of silver from Mother Tsai, doesn’t pay, ends up strangling Mother Tsai. Donkey Chang and Old Chang comes in, saves her life. Donkey forces Tsai to marry Old Chang and Tou Ngo to marry him. Tou Ngo refuses.

Donkey attempts to kill Tsai by putting poison (bought from Dr. Lu) into the soup that Tou Ngo prepared, accidentally kills Old Chang. Donkey blames Tou Ngo. He tells her that the only way to solve their problem out of court is to marry him, but she doesn’t so she goes to court. Her word is disregarded, she is beheaded.

She shows herself to her father, Tou-Tien Chang. He investigates on the case, finds out that she’s innocent so he decides that Donkey should be beheaded and Dr. Lu should be in exile for selling poison.



So a few weeks before the gallery walk, we were assigned to our country and our text. I started making the monologue with Dey (Diana). We did it for about 3 days and submitted it to our teacher and fortunately, there were just minor changes.

We had lots of meetings for our props and set because we had to accomplish the following: 2 canvas backdrops, a market stand, 2 lantern posts, 4 plants, 2 chinese tablets, a huge buddha statue and a floor. Yes, these were made from scratch. (Most of it were made of cardboard, okay.)

The dance that was picked out was a mixture of a double ribbon and a fan dance so it was very pretty, colorful and joyful, which was opposite of the mood of the story. Yes, that was what our director wanted.


We kind of panicked in the end because we were running out of cash — Actually, we DID run out of cash which was awful because we still lacked paint and materials. Unfortunate for us, right?

There was also a problem with the lights because the spotlight was shit and the footlights were unavailable because a different section reserved almost everything.

Everyone was ready for our presentation on March 1st until they rescheduled the production to March 4. Yes, that was supposed to be good because of the additional time, but we were all annoyed by it.

We had another meeting, our last, on the weekend before the 4th. It turned out that we did need the extra time because the 2nd canvas wasn’t even finished yet. After that meeting, all the props and set were done. Everything was finished, finally. 


I, unfortunately, was assigned to hold the other side of the canvas meaning I wouldn’t get to watch the whole production. Sucks for me, right? So I guess this is our production in the point of view of the girl behind the canvas. That’s nice, not.

So I was standing there, stretching my arms so that the canvas would stand then the first scene comes. The dancers enter and the music starts. I could see the shadow of the ribbons and then — click. The music stops.

shitshitshitshitshit, I said behind the canvas. Everyone was looking at each other. Nina was walking around the place, panicking. Then the music starts again. Peaceful, happy music and the dancers repeat their routine, all in time. Click, the music stops again. Fuck, right? Wow. We knew that we were fucked. Even Nikki (director) said so herself.

Plan B. Nina, Nikki and Chesca started to sing the song (Honor to Us All from the Mulan OST). Thank God. We were saved until things were messed up. Allyssa (dancer) dropped her ribbon and Kirsten (dancer) tripped on one of the footlights.

LNY Ribbon Dancers-020711-BW

The dance is over, Donkey enters, the music changes. He pushes the dancers to the floor and looks for his love, Tou Ngo. He finds her and cups her cheeks roughly and pulls her to her feet and everyone but him freezes. He starts his monologue. He states that he is not a cruel person, all he wants is Tou Ngo. He says that Tou Ngo is not a woman if not his.

Tragic, isn’t it?

Everything around him resumes. Tou Ngo is forced to put her head on top of the beheading cube, her life about to be taken away from her.

“You crazy little wretch!” I heard the guard shout from behind the thick and smelly canvas cloth. The sword lifts one time, gathering all the force in the guard’s arms. It lands on the nape of her neck – blackout. 

Once again, everyone freezes, but this time Tou Ngo stands up from her original position and said what she had to say. She is innocent, but she has accepted her fate. She is Tou Ngo, a murderer. Her future has been planned out for her. Her future does not exist. She goes back to her cube and she laughs maniacally, the lights going out once the sword cuts through her skin and her bones, a bloodcurdling scream escaping her mouth.

And she’s dead. Chinese_officer's_sword


To cut the long story short, we lost. We didn’t place or anything, but that was kind of expected. We made lots of mistakes and I guess that’s sad, but on a lighter note, the class spent lots of time together, making us more bonded with each other so that’s the positive thing about the negative result.

Thank you so much, 2-C.

Hallowed (Unearthly #2) by Cynthia Hand

Hallowed is the 2nd book of the Unearthly series written by Cynthia Hand. Yes, I know that I haven’t written a review for the first book, but then, I didn’t have a wordpress account when I first read Unearthly.


Anyways, I won’t be spoiling anything for you readers out there (or maybe I will…maybe I’ll do it unconsciously, who knows). Like what I did on most of my book reviews, I would state the positives first before the negatives and yes, being a critical reader, every book has its negatives. I mean, you probably hate me for having lots of negative things to say about John Green’s books which I’m not supposed to be talking about because that’s not the main topic.

Okay, this book totally kept me awake almost everyday. I would usually stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning (I wake up at 5 so that’s really hard to do) just to read a few pages of this book. It was very interesting and the love triangle between Clara, Tucker and Christian was very intense.


Now I know this will sound totally immature or whatever, but I do not like Clara with Tucker. Not at all. Ever since that kiss of Clara with Christian in the book, I just disliked Tucker more than before.

Why you may ask? This probably sounds so biased, but isn’t that what this blog is about, right? It’s to talk about my opinion. Anyways, I just didn’t feel the connection between them. I could feel the friendship, alright, but the “love?” Nope, not going to happen. I don’t find this the fault of Ms. Cynthia Hand. I think she deliberately wrote it that way to give a hint that it would always be Christian no matter how awkward it would get. (Am I spoiling it?)


Now for a few negatives. This time, I’ll be direct about the shortcomings of this book. The transitions of the scenes were a bit messy. I think the transitions were written and organized properly. I really got confused in some parts because at first, they were at this place and then a few lines later, they were in some place else.

Another negative factor (in my opinion) is how Cynthia writes in the present tense. This was also one of my complaints about the first book, Unearthly, but it took a small amount of time to get used to it.

Also, most of the parts were lifeless. When Clara’s mom (Maggie) died, I didn’t feel anything. I actually didn’t understand what was happening so I had to read it for 4 times to get it.

Jeffrey became a minor character because he was never in the house. He keeps on getting mad at Clara who’s not even doing anything to him, which was irrational. He pushes people away yet wants attention, but yeah, that’s him.

I didn’t get terrified when Samjeeza started to appear and made Clara feel sorrow. His revenge and pain that he was supposed to bring upon their lives was actually useless. His purpose of doing so was very vague and well, it lacked action…for an antagonist.

So that’s all, yeah. Thanks for reading! Probably put your reactions to it on a comment below? Or not…

Paper Towns by John Green

Yes, I have again read another John Green book and based on the title, is Paper Towns. (You would know this if you followed me on Instagram, but i’m not implying anything el oh el. Insta: marjmadrigal)

Let’s start with the basics. Paper Towns has two major characters: Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin Jacobsen or “Q”. They used to be best friends when they were younger and when they saw a dead body in the park, Margo talks about her inner strings breaking or something like that. And then they never talk again. Harsh and surprising, but it does happen in real life. 4 points to John Green for making the plot realistic. You go, Green!

All jokes (or what not) aside, personally, this has been one of my favorite John Green books, BUT it has still not entered my list of top 5 books…sadly.

ppr towns

If you have read my other book reviews about Green’s books (maybe on tumblr or what I’ve posted here), you would know that his books aren’t really my cup of tea. Which is ironic because I keep reading them, oh well. I did buy all of his books so I just want to finish reading them.

Anyways, this book was very very interesting and amazing. The clues that Margo left for Q were so clever that it was actually surprising that a (kind of) new rising author like Green could think of them. I loved the dedication that Q had to find Margo and make sure she was alive. I also liked how relatable the story was to almost all people out there. Let’s face it, losing contact with your close friends is common. But the going away part isn’t common, okay. Just had to clear that out.


I loved how the girl is the mysterious one and not the guy, which was unique because nowadays, the guys are the ones who are very mysterious (am I making sense or is that just in my little fantasy world).

If you have observed, Green’s books have revolved around other books/pieces like all the time (TFiOS = AIA, Looking for Alaska = labyrinth of suffering and the great perhaps) and I have complained about that all the time, but in this case, (paper towns revolved around “Song of Myself) it didn’t annoy me at all. It was nice because it was actually part of the clues that Margo left for Q so it actually made sense and gave everything a reason.

Now for the negatives. Again, like all the John Green books I have read, the book lacked emotion. I wasn’t feeling the story at any point. I wasn’t thrilled or sad or whatever. No emotion hit me at any point in the story. No, it has nothing to do with being heartless or being an emotionless son of a bitch. person more than person

That is the only thing I’ll be complaining about in this book. Even if it is just one reason, I think it really matters so much. Having emotion in a text is, I think, the very main reason on why a person would write a book. You write a book to affect others. You write a book to punch something in other people’s hearts. You write a book for a purpose, not just for fun.

John Green’s books contain lots of significant and meaningful quotes. There are many statements that could really touch a person’s heart. Basically, his books are just compilations of great bits and pieces which didn’t turn out so well.

Sorry, but that’s just my opinion. I hope that’s okay.

paper people